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Fitness Instructor

Personal Trainer

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Hi, I'm Lucy

Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor based in Oxfordshire

I have no intention to get you to stand on scales and take pictures, pinch your body with callipers, or analyse everything you eat!

My passion and goal is to enable you to boost your everyday health, fitness and wellbeing. Encourage you to build strength and build confidence in your body to do all of the amazing things it can do, but most of all enjoy movement!


What I offer

A friendly and fun way to enhance your health & fitness 

I currently run outdoor group fitness sessions and outdoor Personal Training sessions at Fitness at the Farm located in Frilford, Oxfordshire. Using body weight, dumbbells, kettlebells, slam balls and other functional equipment. I have many more exciting services in the pipeline. Get in touch and we can see what works for you!



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